Just Listen- Unearthed

Okay, so I’ve been collecting movie soundtracks for several years now. Probably something else that can be traced back to Star Wars ultimately, but I have a dedicated play list on my iPod for hip-hop instrumentals, soundtracks, and classical music. Yeah, it’s really that serious, and the play list is now the music of choice whenever I’m writing, cause it really creates a backdrop and vibe that helps the process. Right now though, I want to talk more specifically about one of my favorite finds in the entire bunch—Unearthed by E.S. Posthumus.


I actually found it because of one of my other persistent obsessions—movie trailers. Actually, make that “trailers” of any sort, as I get just as excited watching a skillfully cut promo reel for one of my favorite shows. There is just something terribly impressive about a really well orchestrated trailer that can get you completely pumped to see a movie or show in less than two minutes. Even bad movies can end up with glorious promos attached to it, which is especially apt in this case, as I discovered Unearthed through one of the dozens of clips for The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions double team that was meant to dominate the cinemas of 2003, yet seemed to only let them down twice as hard.

Anyway, there was a Japanese trailer released very early on that featured a music clip that I instantly fell in love with and then quickly forgot all about. Couple years later, I came across the clip again and started wondering if there was a site that listed the exact music clips attached to certain trailers. This led me to the fantastic http://www.soundtrack.net/trailers/ space, which I quickly used to track down some of my favorite clips, including the aforementioned Matrix one. Which in turn led me to the group’s official site  http://www.esposthumus.com/ and then a CD purchase. Turns out a lot of their music has been used in a lot of trailers (XXX, Spider-Man, Cold Case, Daredevil, Pirates) so you’d probably recognize some of it if you heard it. Great album for people into soundtracks, and I’d also recommend their follow-up album Cartographer.

For now, watch the original clip that started all this six years ago, and then listen to the song (Ebla) featured in its entirety.



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4 responses to “Just Listen- Unearthed

  1. actually, this is the music you *really* want. If you figure out what it is, plz 2 let me know.


    • nm, figured it out. “Tarawa” by James Newton Howard from Snow Falling on Cedars.

      • Man, I have been trying to get my hands on this track FOREVER. It’s one of the few Newton albums that iTunes doesn’t have listed, and I don’t want to buy the whole album just to get the one song. An excellent choice though to be sure. Matrix sequels weren’t to everyone’s liking, but the music they selected for the films and the promos was consistently great.

  2. I have a long proud tradition of buying CDs for only one track. 🙂

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