Just Listen- The Salvation

Actually finding a decent hip-hop album more than once a year has become a tiring process the last couple years, but every once in a while you’ll stumble across something that makes you wish most of the “hip-hop” on the radio would die a horrible, embarrassing, public death, and be replaced with more music like this. That’s a larger rant for another day however, as today I want to encourage all fans of that real hip-hop to take a good look (and listen) to Skyzoo’s sharp debut The Salvation. I’ve had my eye on emerging emcee Skyzoo for years now, because well, because he’s done some great songs with super producer 9th Wonder, who I’ve been following around like a helpless lemming for years now.

After touring the mixtape and guest appearance circuit for years, he finally drops a fully realized album, with pretty fantastic results. Lyrical content and versatility is matched by impressive production throughout, as the aforementioned 9th is joined by Just Blaze, Black Milk, Best Kept Secret, Illmind, and a few others, in creating one of the more promising debuts in years.

One of the standout tracks from the album, Return of the Real, is featured below, and of course, check out iTunes or Amazon for additional clips and such…


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