Stackology- 1.6.10

Hope everyone had a happy and healthy New Year’s celebration, and I’m pleased to welcome you all back to the Fiction House blog. Big changes are afoot and will be detailed further in this year’s first installment of Ambidextrous, but I wanted to start off with a new Stackology to get my hands moving again, and because the first week of the year offers a nice manageable stack of comics. Thought after endearing that skip week I’d be drowning in stuff, but there’s still a lot of interesting things to consider this time out. Obviously, Siege is the biggest thing, and a series I’ve been anticipating for many months, but there is also the debut of a brand new writing team on The Authority, new Blackest Night, and new Stumptown. Off to a great start it seems.

Okay, so here’s how things shake out this week…


Great start to what we’re all hoping will be a great series, and also a natural conclusion to several of the plot threads Bendis set into motion when he first took hold of the Avengers franchise. All of the larger pieces begin to assemble themselves quite nicely here, and by the time you make it to the final page and Cap’s dramatically clenched fist, you know this upcoming storytelling shift in the Marvel Universe will be as drastic as advertised. Always helps when you have Olivier Coipel on the artwork, who I’ve been shouting about since his Legion days of course, and is now rightfully acknowledged as one of the most talented, dynamic artists of this past decade. Everything he pencils spells out epic in capital letters, and seriously…who else would Marvel have gotten to draw this massive tale of gods vs. monsters?

Also a big fan of the trade dress that’s being used to advertise the event, which reminds me more than a little bit of the Civil War trade dress, which was also awesome. It’s all about the great little details, and this first chapter has a ton of them. Oh, and I know the Bears sucked it up most of the year, and they represent a city with consistently shit weather and the highest sales tax in the country, but I didn’t appreciate how they just atomized Soldier Field like that. But I can’t lie…it did look pretty cool when it happened.

I’ll explain this final bit in the soon-to-be written first Ambidextrous of the new year…

Also read: Noir, Astonishing X-Men HC Volumes 1 & 2…


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