Stackology- 1.13.10

Welcome to the all-new, all-different Stackology. Further details on how this will work from now on are available right here in the first new Ambidextrous of the year, among other pressing bits of business. This is me beta testing the new approach in public, so forgive any mess present while I work the kinks out.


So everything you just read was actually written before I went to the shop and picked up this week’s books, in an effort to speed the process up a bit. What happened though is that while working my way through the stack, I completely changed my mind about how I want to handle this going forward. Instead of focusing on a single scene every week, again picking a “favorite,” which is the one thing I wanted to get away from in the first place, I’m going to discuss a number of highlights from a number of comics, done by a number of writers. This idea came to me right after I finished the brand new Daytripper, so I suppose this sudden bit of inspiration is owed to the talented brothers from Brazil. We do this in the order of appearance, of course, starting with a massive turning point in Mike Carey’s The Unwritten series…

#1- For months, Tommy Taylor has been denying any and all connection to the “fictional” boy wizard that shares his name, but here at the conclusion of the Inside Man arc, something big happens. Trying to escape a prison riot and a hit squad, following a flying cat, Tom puts on a familiar sweater and uses a magic doorknob to create an impossible escape from thin air. Unfortunately, two poor kids die in the process, and an old enemy rises again from the ashes. From thrilling to heartbreaking in just a few pages, and a shot of pure adrenaline heading into the next story. (The Unwritten #9)

#2- The convo between Buffy and Xander here is why I will always love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and more specifically, Joss Whedon’s writing. The complexity of the characterization is really profound, and there is no doubt these two characters are great friends with an unshakable bond that’s been able to transcend all of the fantastic changes they’ve both been through. Xander has always functioned as the heart of the group, able to see the most important things that no one else can, and this scene offers more great moments for him. Close second obviously is when Buffy takes to the skies and reveals her brand new powers to her friends, but the heavy drama usually wins out with me. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer #31)

#3- Olinda meets Bras on a lonely boat in the middle of the sea, and becomes a main player in another of the most important days of his life. Any great romance begins with a chance yet somehow fateful meeting, and this was certainly a cute one. (Daytripper #2)

#4- Superboy dares Lex Luthor to stop using his horribly tired “If it only wasn’t for Superman” speech, and do some actual good in his wasted life. Lex complies and does the impossible, healing an incredibly sick relative of a terrible disease…and then he undoes it without warning, just to show Superboy he can. And what an incurable, petty bastard he truly is. Connor and Krypto’s response is priceless, and Lex deserves everything that happens to him after that…and honestly, a whole lot more. (Adventure Comics #6)

#5- Spider-Man convinces the former Rhino to stand down and let him and the police handle the all-new Rhino, who’s roared into town looking for a fight and throwing entire horses at people. Spidey does this because he wants to see someone catch a break in this stupid, unpredictable life, and the former Rhino has a real chance at one because of a special woman in his life. That Peter Parker really is a sensitive guy, isn’t he? (Amazing Spider-Man #617)

Hope you guys enjoyed this test run of the new version of Stackology. Will tweak it in the coming weeks until it’s just right, and as always, comments are more than welcome.

Also read: Awakening, Thor: Ages of Thunder, Dark Reign: The Sinister Spider-Man…


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