Miranda Mercury Is…


Taking a break from imagining just how much (and how quickly) the Apple iPad will change/save comics to drop off that beautiful and all-new piece of Miranda Mercury artwork that I’ve been teasing for weeks and weeks. Feast your eyes upon the triptych image that will adorn the covers of the upcoming three-issue (all oversized of course) Miranda Mercury: Time Runs Out series. More details when they’re available, but everyone is in the final leg of production on this, and we hope to be able to drop concrete release dates in the coming months. Lee Ferguson is on the art of course, Marc Deering is still on inks, Matty Ryan still handles lettering and pre-press, and the new man on the team is the one and only Jordan Boyd, who was located through the colorist challenge we ran on Newsarama, and is already proving himself to be a true talent to watch in the future. And obviously, that future is now. The Not Dead Yet promo version of this is nesting at http://www.mirandamercury.com, which will be fully updated this spring, and the original is attached to this very posting.

Thanks again everyone for your patience and support, and more details as they’re available.




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4 responses to “Miranda Mercury Is…

  1. Mos’ def looking forward to new Miranda Mercury!

  2. Peter Velez

    Very cool. But I do have one question. Doe this mean that the cover of each issue will no longer be the first page of the story?

    • No sir, it does not mean that at all 🙂 Plans within plans, as that’s one aspect of the book we’re not completely surrendering quite yet…just tweaking slightly so the book has a better chance of coming back stronger than before…


  3. Peter Velez

    Very cool

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