Stackology- 2.3.10

This week’s edition is dominated by writer Jason Aaron, who appears on the list three times, delivering some great moments for Wolverine, an assembly of Ghost Riders facing down an unbeatable enemy in Heaven, and for the fantastic ensemble cast in Scalped. These bright spots along with a couple others are further detailed below…


#1- A number of fantastic bits in this very excellent character study of Logan’s extensive sexual and romantic history, but for me Melita’s explanation of why she doesn’t care about Logan’s usual disastrous history with women was Aaron’s best here. It’s certainly a well-reasoned argument on the reporter’s part, and she certainly doesn’t come off as helpless, but in the end Logan will likely be proven correct in his initial hesitation. For now though, they make a cute and interesting couple. No matter what Emma Frost thinks. (Wolverine: Weapon X #10)

#2- This one is pretty simple, and to prove it, I give you an exchange from the critical scene in Ghost Riders: Heaven’s On Fire #6

“Whoa, what the hell? What am I…what am I looking at here?”

“Ghost Riders. A lotta $%$#& ghost riders.”

#3- The revelation of exactly how and why Buffy is enjoying her little power surge aside, what self-respecting nerd can resist Xander’s attempts to recreate his favorite superheroes in a series of hilarious “power tests” with Buffy? Speeding bullets, tall buildings, locomotives, it’s all here, and it’s all funny and great. Some nice moments of levity before things take a slightly darker turn. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer #32)

#4- Bloody revenge is the theme for this final chapter of The Gnawing, but nothing can compare to what Dash does to Diesel in the dead of night. A horribly violent piece of business that our man feels quite comfortable with, and obviously spent a lot of time planning. Sometimes, the bad guys really do meet the truly bad ends they deserve. (Scalped #34)

#5- Only Tony Stark would have the balls to sleep with the two most important women in his life, both in similar situations of possible eminent death. Fraction milks the scene for all it’s worth, following an impassioned diatribe from Pepper about life with repulsor technology in her chest with what she thinks is an innocent admission about sleeping with Tony to Maria. But the former SHIELD boss has a confession of her own, and it sounds eerily similar to the one Pepper just made. Something else to look forward to when Tony finishes his astral plane dream walking—Tony $%#@ing Stark indeed. (Invincible Iron Man #23)

#6- First, Olivier Coipel should draw every superhero comic ever, because his work here is even more astounding than the stuff he turned in last issue. Obvious highlight is the massive battle between Ares and The Sentry, which comes to a horrible and blood-soaked end for the God of War. Just when you think The Sentry can’t become any more dangerous or cuckoo, he raises the bar in both respects like he’s not even trying. Great stuff, and cool cliffhanger to end the issue as well. Avengers Assemble, ladies and gentlemen. (Siege #2)

Also read: 100 Bullets, Vol. 2-6…


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