Final Means Final (Probably)

It’s a little terrifying how long ago these Miranda Mercury scripts were actually written…

Just last week I handed over the finished drafts of issues #296 and #297 to our lettering and production man Matty Ryan, who’s responsible for all the finishing touches necessary to get Miranda Mercury: Time Runs Out #1 ready for actual publication. Because of the extremely long delay between when the issues were originally scripted and when they’ll actually release, I took full advantage of the opportunity and spent some time making what I’m assuming are a series of “final” edits to both stories.

#296 was pretty locked down, as it was actually turned into Archaia right before their restructuring, and even I’m not so insecure about it that I’d ask Matty to completely re-letter large chunks of the issue. There are a couple little elements that we didn’t have the time to really finesse all the way through before that’ll be touched up in the next couple weeks. This amounts to losing a couple balloons here and there, increasing the size and weight of a couple others, switching out a handful of fonts, etc. Once Matty makes the few edits to the book’s first sequence, we’ll do some side by sides to illustrate exactly what I’m talking about. Until then, the preview for #296 remains live right here for anyone interested.

Even though I wrote the story ages ago, which you’ll definitely notice, as there’s an element in there that was something of a response to the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina, overall it doesn’t bother me too much. Did make a couple mistakes that will no doubt be detailed in the commentary that will post with the issue’s release, but nothing too egregious or embarrassing. According to me, anyway— you might feel differently come this summer.

#297 on the other hand just got colors added to it, so I had a lot more leeway there. Some of the dialogue just bothered me, and I had to shift some things around for panels and cool details that Lee added to the story at the pencils stage. Having done another couple scripts, and really refining the way that Jack and Miranda interact and speak to one another, some of the stuff here wasn’t sounding right. The two of them should always come across as almost supernaturally in synch, their conversations peppered with inside jokes and references to things only they could truly understand. Their partnership should come across as accessible and impenetrable at the exact same time. And no, I can’t even begin to describe how I can possibly turn something so startlingly abstract into a sensation you can get off a comic page, but that’s the ideal I’m always working towards.

Some of the other characters needed a quick dialogue polish as well, chiefly the main villain of the piece, who isn’t really a villain in a traditional sense, but has a couple of monologue style rants that both explain the larger plot, and his rationale for engaging in a horrible piece of business that deserves a beating. Is it a major spoiler if I say he gets it? Maybe so, but there you go. But the story is all about time, and the ways we can manipulate it within comics, and that’s really all I should say at this point. Still love the original solicit though and will try to incorporate some aspects of this when I have to re-write it to reflect the new two-in-one shipping schedule. I leave you with that solicit before bowing out. More updates and intimate production details to come, so stay tuned.

The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury #297
Brandon Thomas & Lee Ferguson

Something is happening. Bits of time and _____ are being stolen from their rightful owners and turned into a temporal ______ for the galaxy’s greatest criminals! Finally, the secrets of the Eighth Day are revealed – forcing Miranda and ____ to do the impossible in only 22 pages! New characters, new ____, and a new way to read Miranda Mercury comics awaits!


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