Stackology- 3.3.10

For one week (and probably one week only) Stackology offers same day service. Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen…


#1- More moments of inspired brilliance from John Layman’s latest chapter of Chew– the Great Fatanyeros, the most important chef in the world, who just happens to be mute and only capable of communicating through his famous cuisine. Also, Tony Chu going all Season 4 Jack Bauer and infiltrating the governor’s heavily defended stronghold, against all good and common sense. Also, the captioning screaming CLIFFHANGER! at us before we’re able to get to it. Also, the actual aforementioned cliffhanger, which just might be the most wonderfully bizarre image this book has offered thus far. (Chew #9)

#2- Even though it was spoiled a while ago by the internets, it was still fun to watch Buffy learn exactly who Twilight was under his mask, though the how and why are yet to be fully revealed. Some well-paced action moments interspersed with well timed humor will always make the cut. But kinda like the last season of LOST, I’m cool simply going along with all this for now, though I’m expecting one hell of an explanation. Nice showing by Andrew as well, who gets pissed about Twilight not remembering his name, and launches the first real attack, powered by every piece of hardcore nerd memorabilia he can find. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer #33)

#3- To celebrate Steve Rogers returning from the dead, Logan (with a Nightcrawler assist) takes him on an international pub crawl, so they can reconnect as a couple of Marvel’s most enduring icons. It’s not long before they’re sharing a few moments of true reflection—about Steve being glad that Logan stuck with the Avengers, how the hero’s return makes “some people” feel about the idea of a better future, and about Wolverine’s decision to let a new woman into his complicated life. This is all great stuff on its own, but naturally it also puts Wolverine in a greater position to help Rogers stay alive, once the Deathloks come after him on their mission to kill the future. So far it looks like fun.  (Wolverine: Weapon X #11)

#4- Lot of great bits in this final chapter of Stark Disassembled—Stephen Strange, master of mystic and martial arts, Tony Stark drowning in rivers of blood while his parents yell at him, Pepper’s final bluff, and the return of Stark with one impressive little twist—you see, the hard drive used to restore his consciousness was prepped before pre-Civil War, pre-Cap assassination, pre-Secret Invasion, and pre- a bunch of other recent history that’s come to define who and what Tony Stark is to the Marvel Universe. That Fraction is one clever guy. (Invincible Iron Man #24)

Also read: The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures, Kull: The Shadow Kingdom, Afrodisiac…



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2 responses to “Stackology- 3.3.10

  1. Peter Velez

    I agree that cliffhanger bit in Chew was awesome. I’m also amazed at how many weird little superpowers based around food Layman can come up with. That book is the definition of awesome.

    What did you think of Afrodisiac?

    • I liked it a lot, Peter, tons of cool little presentation flourishes throughout the book too. The character also appears in the Street Angel trade, which is a great read as well.


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