Stackology- 3.24.10

Though last week offered some exceptional writing (Joe Kelly on Spidey, and Bendis on Siege, in particular) I ended up skipping it as there wasn’t much else to comment on, and because I only brought home a tiny handful of books. This might come up in the future, as my pull list becomes more and more streamlined every month. As usual, I’ll play it by ear and see how I feel going forward. Some cool stuff from this week is detailed below…


#1- Know that a lot of folks follow Scalped exclusively in trade, so I’ll do my best not to spoil the massive twist here, but this first chapter of a two parter focusing on Red Crow’s right hand man Shunka delivers another dose of great character work by Jason Aaron. We’ve seen this guy do a ton of horribly violent things to people over the course of the series (a trend which continues here), but this story effectively peels back the onion a bit, and reveals that just like every other character in this series, his past is littered with huge secrets that would seriously jeopardize his life and standing if ever revealed. Shunka’s particular secret is a big one, and gives Aaron the chance to dig deeper into a facet of Native American life that hasn’t been addressed here before, but for all the memorable things that Shunka does in this story, the most is what he does at the very end— turn back to presumably revenge a terrible wrong. Great, great character stuff from a book that’s come to excel at it over the years. (Scalped #36)

#2- Another chapter in my great obsession with Scott Summers, I’m forced to admit. If you haven’t been living under a rock the last couple months, then you know that Kitty Pryde is coming back to Earth, courtesy of a desperate and dangerous gamble by Magneto, who wants to further prove himself to the X-Men, and to Scott in particular. So he’s set out to bring the giant bullet back home with his considerable powers. But after this impossible feat is completed, Fraction thinks of a cool, yet cruel final twist that takes away some of the euphoria surrounding this momentous return, and in the process heaps another helping of overwhelming guilt and responsibility onto the shoulders of Cyclops. And while the world keeps spinning around him, the rest of Utopia’s residents going about their respective lives, and getting ready for the next big X-event, Scott Summers is sitting in a lonely hallway, waiting for word that his friends will be okay. (Uncanny X-Men #522)

#3- And here is “the talk” between Luke and Jessica, laying the final brick before Jessica returns back to the costumed life. Obviously, Bendis knows both of these characters completely, and once again both of their voices and unique perspectives ring true. You really want them to attain that happy ending, where they can both put on their costumes and fight the good fight, and even more than that, where they can simply take their daughter to the park without being arrested by stormtroopers. And like Luke says, with Steve Rogers back they have a real chance at overthrowing Osborn, and in this single scene, you can feel the weight that this Civil War/Dark Reign landscape has had on some of the characters living in it, and they’re as ready to be done with it as we are. Some nice moments for them both, especially since we have some idea where it all leads. (New Avengers #63)

Also read: Ignition City, Spider-Man: Brand New Day, Vols. 1-2…


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