Zebrahead (and C2E2)!

Thought you good folks would be interested in a quick preview from the current issue of Miranda Mercury, directly from the desk of inker extraordinaire Marc Deering. This character has a huge, huge role in #298, was originally mentioned at the close of #295, and is a close associate of the big bad from #297. Even though all of the stories are completely self-contained, I just can’t help stitching them together with little things like this. Dude’s name is Ebel Ynos, by the way…

Also will be hitting the floor of C2E2 in a matter of hours, and might give the Twidroid app on my phone a little workout with updates and hopefully useful anecdotes. Keep your eyes on @mirandamercury all weekend, and if you’re near the Archaia booth, please don’t hesitate to say hello—should be popping in and out of there most of the weekend. Looks like it will be a great show, and really cool that it’s actually in Chicago…


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