Stackology No More

Okay, so I won’t be doing Stackology anymore for what I’ve decided are very reasonable reasons. First thing is that I’m enjoying writing Anatomy Lessons a great deal, and if I’m going to talk about other people’s comics (which I’m trying to move away from anyway) then I’d rather do it in this format, because of its (relative) brevity and its emotional proximity to This is Why. The reason why it’s clearly so difficult for me to stop talking about other comics is because my small experience in the biz has only amplified my appreciation for great comics and their architects. So this new feature allows me to hit things as I’m working through my bookshelf, or re-reading old favorites, without being so time sensitive. Other big thing is that I’m going to be working again soon and just won’t have the time to charge through a whole weeks worth of comics and then write about them in a timely fashion.

Should be another Anatomy Lessons posted up early next week, and I might even run some excerpts from this new Miranda script I’ve been working on. Thanks again for checking it out while I was doing it, and as always, stay tuned.


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  1. Glad to hear you’re not announcing an end to posting! I generally liked Stackology, but I agree that the Anatomy Lessons were richer and more satisfying. Keep ’em up! 🙂

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