Miranda Mercury- In Stores This August!

Okay, so here’s what it is…Miranda Mercury will be arriving in comic stores this upcoming August, in the form of a 176 page OGN priced at 24.95. And having launched the book before, I understand and recognize how difficult it is for some comic shops to make an investment on a book from an independent publisher from a relatively unknown creative team at this particular price point. So what I’ve done is create an extended PDF preview specifically aimed at retailers and members of the comics press to help encourage them this is a book they can be comfortable putting some resources behind. Only problem is that I need a little help in identifying a few additional places to send this preview, and nobody knows their weekly comic shops better than the people that actually go there every week.

So if you’re a fan of Miranda Mercury and your local weekly supplier, I’m asking a big favor— e-mail me their mailing address and their contact info and I’ll offer to send them both the extended PDF preview and some postcards to give away in their store. Also have a small number of posters that I’d be willing to send along as well.

If this book is going to be a success, this type of grassroots organizing will be critical and I’m more than willing to put in the extra time and effort. If you think your local store would be interested at all, please send me their information to thefictionhouse@gmail.com and I’ll take it from there.

Thanks everyone, and by the way, official Diamond ordering code for the book is JUN11 0832


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