Ambidextrous 333- Go Lion

Voltron panel was certainly an interesting experience, considering I’d never been up on a dais before, discounting an impromptu bit where former Archaia editor Joe Illidge pulled me up on stage briefly to talk a little about Miranda Mercury, shortly after Archaia announced the project. But this time was a little different—I was a “featured guest” with my own cool name tag and everything, while appearing alongside a dozen other great folks that were handling Voltron in animation, video games, toys and movies. And ironically, the panel didn’t even take place in the main convention center. Because the show has gotten so large in recent years, some of the programming has crept into nearby hotels to accommodate everything. Such was the case in this case and so “Voltron Resurgent” was one of many presentations held at the Indigo Room in the nearby Hilton Bayfront, which I think seats like 1600 people.

Going through all the preparation for our grand introductions was a little fun, as the entire group of panelists were ushered into the green room for a bit before being called out on stage by panel moderator Carrie Keagan. One thing that I hadn’t considered is that I would be appearing on the panel at the absolute end of the day and so I was carrying around this big ass Archaia bag stuffed with books and stuff I’d bought throughout the afternoon. And clearly there was no way in hell I was setting it down anywhere and hoping it would be there when I got back. So I’m just hoping that the stage was high enough so it didn’t look like I was carrying a bag of groceries or something onto the stage with me.

Editor Joe Rybrandt was there with me repping Dynamite, and between the two of us we were allotted about five minutes to describe the upcoming comic with the kind of sound bites and overly excited hypey language one demands from these things. Think I did all right with it, but next time I’ll come up with a little cheat sheet or something to make sure nothing gets left out. Sure the fantastic Alex Ross covers projected on the screen after my brief spiel made the whole book sound better anyway, so very thankful for that. And looking out into a sea of 1600 wasn’t nearly as nerve wracking or intimidating as expected, though with the way the lights were set up, it was kinda hard to really tell just how many people were there, even though in my head, I knew exactly how many.

But for the folks that weren’t there, and really for the people that were, cause as I said, left a few things out, here are a few of the things you can look forward to in the upcoming series. Lion Force all day. The sixth pilot. Two-in-one Robeast. A not so secret invasion. Magic fights science then kisses and makes up and has a baby. The term space explorer means something dammit. Commander Keith’s got it all figured out and even when he doesn’t, he tells you like he does. Sons of Zarkon. And if we can become a true ongoing series—say hello Sven. That is all right now and honestly, entirely subject to change. But the entire panel and the enthusiasm spilling out of the crowd for Voltron in its many forms made me want to sprint back to the hotel and work more on my next script and that’s always a great feeling.

Next time I’ll leave the bag of books somewhere else though…


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