Miranda Mercury HC In Comic Stores Today!

Well yes, the book did debut a couple weeks back at San Diego, but now it’s time for the next phase of the journey—for everyone else to start getting their hands on it. Diamond has us scheduled to roll out all over the country this very afternoon and I’ve already gotten confirmation from a couple folks that this is no mere hoax, dream, or mass hallucination…the book is out there and there’s no turning back.

For those folks that didn’t already preorder a copy from your local LCS (and if you have no idea what that sentence even means this next piece is written especially for you) then you can find your local comics supplier using the handy Comic Shop Locator here. Make sure to call to confirm availability as some stores will have it and others might not have even heard of it. Call around and don’t hesitate to ask them to order the book for you if it’s not in stock, though most retailers will automatically offer to order it if they don’t have it. Ordering code is JUN11 0832, and if anyone has any problems, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at thefictionhouse@gmail.com.

Amazon, BN.com, etc. should have the book by the end of the month (couple of you have asked about this) but you know, why wait if you don’t have to 🙂

First review is also up from Marc Mason of Comics Waiting Room and it’s a good one. Check it out and thanks again for the support.



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2 responses to “Miranda Mercury HC In Comic Stores Today!

  1. Decided not to wait for Amazon to get it’s act together (they still have it as pre-order for Aug. 30th) and placed my order on midtowncomics.com this afternoon, so I’ll should get my copy sometime next week. I’ll be sure to post a review on one of my blogs when I get it.

    • Thanks man, anxious to see what you think of it. Looks like instead of just changing the release date on the listing Amazon had from Sept. 13 to Aug. 31st, they deleted the listing entirely and are rebuilding it from scratch. Hopefully, it’ll be corrected in the next couple weeks but thanks for deciding to pick it up a little early. Hope you enjoy it! B

      Brandon Thomas


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