Ambidextrous 334- End Roads

Usually, I wait until the impending start of the new year to make such declarations, but I’ll just come right out and say it…sometime in the year 2012, I want to finally make the transition to becoming a full-time comic book writer…

Now, I often leave convention season all fired up about comics in general and this year was like that times 1000. Getting Miranda out finally has been a major personal milestone, and (among other things) it also means that I can now devote some thought to a few of the other half-baked ideas that I have swirling around in my head on any given day. The rule for myself was that until this first volume got released, no dabbling with other creator-owned material. But I’m drifting a little again—the part that’s really important is that I always leave cons feeling all inspired and ready to get back to work, and ultimately, to position myself to be in a far different place when the next year’s shows wrap up.

So next summer, I want to either be doing this full-time already, or making a final dramatic push to get the job done once and for all. And to get me properly prepared, I decided a few weeks ago to step up my own production and begin training myself to write two to three full scripts every month. Since this next phase is all about establishing a more reliable publication schedule, I’m taking full ownership of the part that I fully control and so for the foreseeable future, I’ll be hitting my marks every month with a mix of Dynamite and creator-owned projects.

For the month of August I got off to a fast start, wrapping up two Voltron scripts and another for the still somewhat secret Project Superpowers mini-series that hasn’t been announced quite yet. This month, it’ll be another Voltron and/or Superpowers one, and I’ll officially be starting the scripting on the next big Miranda Mercury story. Probably won’t wrap it fully this month since the nature of the story will have me working out two scripts simultaneously, and no, I can’t even breathe a word of exactly why that is. Once I get those locked in, Lee can begin work and I might be able to start some prep work on a new project or two. There’s one in particular that I’m really anxious to explore that I’m not even sure actually works as a comic book, but it’ll be fun digging in and finding out.

Obviously, the flip of all this is that I probably won’t be updating this blog as much as I’d like past this current week—have already scheduled something special to commemorate the long-awaited return of Matt Fraction’s Casanova that’ll be rolling out in the next few days. But once that’s wrapped, much of my time not spent scripting will be devoted to beefing up the Chronology section on the main Miranda site. But I will keep everyone as updated as possible while I make another concerted push to get it done after picking at this for almost ten years now.

Really feels like it’s time, but you know, I always feel like it’s time…and one of these days, I’ll have been right…

Thanks again for the support these past few months and as always, stay tuned…



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2 responses to “Ambidextrous 334- End Roads

  1. BT-
    I’ve always been a fan of your work. From Ambi, to the youngblood Genesis script, and now Miranda sits on my book shelf. Although i don’t usually pick up Dynamite books, anything with your name is worth the dollars in my pocket. I’m anxious to see your growth- from your writing to your place in the industry.

    So if that means the blogs get few and far between so be it….
    (just don’t lose the twitter handle)

    Your pal-
    Jimmy S. Jay…

    • Thanks man, that means a ton coming from you, and I just hope that 2012 gives me some more opportunities to continue to get better and showcase some of that growth. And also, thanks again for buying a copy of Miranda from me back at SD…

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