Voltron Interviews + Issue #2 Solicit

Press for the upcoming Voltron book I’m writing is in full swing, so check out the first couple official interviews and the full solicit for the second issue. Artwork should be debuting real soon…

The Voltron Story (ICv2)

Action Big, Robeasts Bigger in Dynamite’s VOLTRON Series (Newsarama)

32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen+

Covers by ALEX ROSS (75%), SEAN CHEN (25%)

Voltron is down and the people of Earth are only hours away from complete annihilation. In order to preserve all they know, Keith and the rest of his highly trained force must launch a rescue mission to save Voltron, and uncover a terrible secret decades in the making. This is not the first time the Drule Empire has attempted to annex Earth. It’s happened before, and even then, Zarkon played a critical role in determining the planet’s survival…just not the one everyone thinks. The truth is coming, as Generation Voltron continues…


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