Voltron #3 Solicit + Covers

Dynamite’s February 2012 Solicits have gone live and includes the following story blurb and covers for the upcoming Voltron #3. First issue is in stores December 7th…


32 pages FC  •  $3.99  •  Teen +

Cover by ALEX ROSS (75%), SEAN CHEN (25%)
“Virgin Art” Retailer incentive cover by ALEX ROSS
“Black & White” Retailer incentive cover by SEAN CHEN

The Man From Arus has come to Earth with an urgent message—Drule is coming and our planet lacks any credible defense. To turn the tide, an embattled scientist must accept the impossible and place the fate of humanity in the hands of something that doesn’t exist. And little does he know that his fateful actions have brought the Voltron Force to their current situation almost a hundred years later…staring down a battalion of shock troops and Robeasts that have come to make sure Voltron doesn’t get rescued and the day doesn’t get saved. Generation Voltron continues…


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