Voltron #2 Preview + Notes

Originally, I was going to do a full-scale commentary for every chapter of this opening arc, but having just turned in the sixth script and stepping back a bit, it occurred to me that you know what—I don’t know that anyone wants to read an incredibly detailed piece like that each and every month, and I don’t know that I want to write it, honestly. The actual writing of the comics is a lot more fun than writing about the writing of the comics, and if I have my way, 2012 will be packed with much more of the former, and a decreasing level of the latter. That said, there are a few things about issue #2 I’d like to briefly mention before directing you to the official preview…

*Keep your eyes on young Zachary Zarkon down the line. Big things and great scenes featuring him in the near and distant future.

*The chase/dogfight sequence had an additional page for the longest time and it’s the one element I tried my best to keep in the final draft. Was a cool page too, but you know what they say about drowning your babies, and there just wasn’t room for it. Everything else had to be there either for now or for later.

*Thought #1’s teaser was a little overly explicit and might have blunted the impact of this installment’s conclusion, so in the interests of being slightly more vague, I went with one of my favorite LOST references instead.

Check out the first five pages over at CBR and hope everyone enjoys the full issue, which is in stores this afternoon…


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