Voltron #3 Preview + Notes

So, the lofty “commentary embargo” thing I set for myself has already been broken, and there should be a somewhat lengthy piece about #3 appearing online somewhere in the next few days…

It’s cool though, as this is a fairly significant chapter in the first arc, featuring the first appearance of present day Zarkon, the particulars of what happened when past (less evil) Zarkon met Alec Sigis face-to-face the first time, and the reveal of who the “sixth pilot” is. Strangely, the identity of the first pilot might end up being the bigger deal. Hint: it’s obvious and impossible at the same time. Remember how the first issue revealed that Voltron could speak and function without his famous pilots? This is way bigger than that in terms of foreshadowing the long-term direction of the book, and I hope folks enjoy it…

CBR has posted up the first five pages, which are slightly spoilerific, but there are some fun scenes spread all throughout the book. In stores today and if your LCS doesn’t have any, ask them to order you one. Thanks everyone, and back soon with more…


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