Help Nominate Miranda Mercury for a Hugo Award

So, I was contacted by a couple fans of the book who informed me that as a science-fiction book that released in 2011, The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury: Time Runs Out is eligible for a Hugo Award. The one presented for “Best Graphic Story” to be more precise. The Hugo Awards are presented annually for the best science fiction or fantasy works of the previous year, and will be awarded at the upcoming Worldcon in Chicago this summer.

The part where you all come in has to do with how books are nominated and then later voted on. There isn’t a small panel or committee that decides what appears on the final ballot, but a pool of a few thousand fans that attended the previous Worldcon in 2011, or have already purchased their memberships for the shows later this year and the one occurring next year, who are eligible to make nominations. So it is very possible that like me, you already know people that can nominate projects, without even realizing you do.

We need your assistance to cast a wider net and help spread the word about Miranda Mercury to as many eligible nominators as possible, wherever and whenever they may be. Please feel free to spread this link anywhere you think it would do some good, and direct them to the Miranda Mercury website, which contains a lot of information about the book, review clips, interviews, behind-the-scenes material, and even the first chapter and a half of the hardcover to read for free.

Oh yeah, and the nominations have to be in by March 11th, which is roughly nine days away. So it is something of a long-shot this late in the game, but even making a couple dozen more people aware of the book could make a huge difference. And come on, this is Miranda Mercury we’re talking about after all…impossible is kinda what she does…

Thanks all for the constant support these past several months, and more info when we have it…


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  1. of course… Let’s give Miranda Mercury, a chance.

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