The nominees for the 2012 Glyph Awards — honoring the best comics by and about African Americans, have been announced, and I’m excited to share the news that Miranda Mercury scored four mentions in the following categories- Story of the Year, Best Writer, Best Artist, and Best Female Character.

Congrats to our fellow nominees and my creative team as Miranda continues to build momentum months after the book’s release. More to come and our girl is in great company this year. Full list of nominations is below.


Story of the Year

The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury, Brandon Thomas, writer, Lee Ferguson, artist

“On Being Crazy” from African-American Classics: Graphic Classics Vol. 22, Tom Pumplun, writer, Kyle Baker, artist

Princeless, Jeremy Whitley, writer, Mia Goodwin, artist

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man Volume 1, Brian Michael Bendis, writer, Sara Pichelli, artist


Best Writer

Brian Michael Bendis, Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man

Jeff Parker, Thunderbolts

Brandon Thomas, The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury

Jeremy Whitley, Princeless


Best Artist

Kyle Baker, “On Being Crazy” from African-American Classics: Graphic Classics Vol. 22

Lee Ferguson, The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury

Mia Goodwin, Princeless

Rob Guillory, Chew

Sara Pichelli, Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man


Best Male Character

Luke Cage, Thunderbolts, Jeff Parker, writer, Declan Shalvey & Kev Walker, artists; created by Archie Goodwin & John Romita Sr.

Miles Morales, Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, Brian Michael Bendis, writer, Sara Pichelli, artist; inspired by the character created by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko

Moses, Radio Free Amerika; created by B. Robert Bell, writer and penciller, Robert Jeffrey II, co-writer

Mr. Terrific, Mr. Terrific, Eric Wallace, writer, Gianluca Gugliotta & Wayne Faucher, artists; inspired by the character created by Charles Reizenstein and Everett E. Hibbard


Best Female Character

Adrienne, Princeless; created by Jeremy Whitley, writer, and Mia Goodwin, artist

Afroella, Afroella, created by Gemma Bedeau, writer, and Lee Fenton Wilkinson, artist

Miranda Mercury, The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury; created by Brandon Thomas, writer, and Lee Ferguson, artist

Vielle, Fungus Grotto, created by Ms. Shatia Hamilton, story and art


Rising Star Award

B. Robert Bell & Robert Jeffrey II, Radio Free Amerika

Ms. Shatia Hamilton, Fungus Grotto

Whit Taylor, Watermelon


Best Cover

Chew #27, Rob Guillory, illustrator

Deadpool Max #7, Kyle Baker, story and art

Mr. Terrific #1, JG Jones, artist, Lovern Kindzierski, colorist

Princeless #1, Mia Goodwin, illustrator

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #4, Kaare Andrews, illustrator


Best Comic Strip or Webcomic

Fungus Grotto, Ms. Shatia Hamilton, story and art

Marty’s Diner, Dmitri Jackson, story and art

Café Con Leche, Charlos Gary, story and art



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  2. Mike Ferguson

    Cool. I am Lee Ferguson’s father, and am proud to see him nominated for these awards.
    Mike Ferguson

    • Yeah, he deserves it! So thankful Marvel introduced us to each other way back when…even we didn’t realize what would come from it back then, and we’re just getting started with Miranda…


  3. R. George R.

    Congratulations on the multiple nominations, Brandon! Miranda’s got “Best Female Character” on lock.

  4. Kenneth Jackson

    I am a proud recipient of the Adventures of Miranda Mercury. The book is absolutely beautifully done and holds an esteemed place on my fireplace mantle. A labor of love no doubt. The multiple nominations are well deserved. I look forward to Miranda’s continued development and growth and wish all involved continued success in bringing full bodied, positive African American images to life.

    • Thanks, Kenneth! Hope that when the book returns it continues to exceed expectations, and we’re all very excited to put everything we learned on volume one in motion. You guys haven’t seen anything yet! Watch this space for more announcements about Volume 2 as it develops, and thanks again for the support!

      BBrandon Thomas https://fictionhouse.wordpress.com/


      • Mike Ferguson

        Hey, Brandon. I forgot to congratulate you as well. Sorry for the oversight.
        In addition guys, keep me posted on the next edition of Miranda because I will have several orders to fill up here in Ohio. And I think Kenneth is one of the first in line. :>)

  5. Congrats, Brandon. Well deserved.

    When do the awards actually take place?

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