Voltron Solicits + Covers (July 2012)


Solicit material for July’s Voltron related product from Dynamite. “Ten Lions” rolls on, and we’re discussing the best way to let a few tidbits out into the wild ahead of issue 7’s release, so stay tuned for that. Been hard work keeping my mouth (mostly) shut about this, but this second arc is a true escalation in every sense of the word. Meanwhile, in Voltron Year One, Craig Cermak continues to kick major ass, as Sven begins his gradual descent that accelerate by the choice he made on the last page of issue #3.

Thanks again for all the support these past few months, and I really think I’m truly getting the hang of all this monthly comics stuff. More soon…



32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +




One of Earth’s moons lies in ruins, and the Voltron Force is once again returning back to the planet in a rain of fire and debris. And even though every shred of evidence points to the contrary, Keith is convinced a familiar foe is somehow responsible and secretly pulling all the strings. So while the entire Galactic Alliance ponders a deal with the devil, Keith and his team scramble to track down their powerful new enemy before it strikes again. Except that it’s heading for the last place they would ever expect—the former Planet Doom. Everything is different, and now that the galaxy is dealing with “Ten Lions,” there’s no telling what will happen next… (STK468453)



32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +




Commander Sven has sworn to do everything possible to protect his squad from harm, but what he’s done now puts everything at risk. Backed into a corner, and determined to expose a traitor to the Alliance, Sven can only tell himself that he had no choice but to break a few rules, and use every dirty trick in the book just to survive. And what he and his team have planned from their next mission, a joint operation with the #616, provides a whole new definition to the word counter-mission. Is one Space Explorers life worth their best and probably only chance to know the truth? “Fearless Leader” turns the corner, speeding towards its foregone conclusion… (STK468454)


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