4 Reasons to Buy Voltron: Year One #4


1. Craig Cermak-

Yes, I’ve known him for several years and consider him one of my closest personal friends, but here’s the bottom line—off the strength of only three issues of work, he was nominated for one of the most coveted awards in all of comics. And he’s only getting better by the page, so this is a great opportunity to witness the growth of one of the next great comic artists. Don’t you want to be that person that gets to brag to everybody in a few years that, “Man, I’ve been following Craig since Voltron: Year One, where you been!?” Or is that only something I do…?


2. New Space Explorers-

Since the very first issue, people have been asking me about Sven’s girlfriend. Who she is and whether or not she’s ever going to get out of the bed. Well, after a brief cameo during issue #3 (did you catch her in the briefing?) Commander Katrina emerges as an extremely capable, tough, and smart Space Explorer in her own right, with a cool team of operatives under her command. Who are going on a joint operation with our guys, so expect some sparks and some serious


3. Major Turning Point for Sven-

This first storyline is ALL about Sven and how he struggles to keep it together as Commander of his team of Space Explorers. The pressure has been building on him since the first page and he’s beginning to crack and take some dangerous steps to maintain his focus and control. Steps that just may dull that familiar feeling that “everything is going to fall apart any minute” just when he needs it the most.


4. The Secret History of Space Exploring-

One of my biggest goals for both books was to dramatically expand the skill set and mandate of the planet’s Space Explorers, morphing them into an intergalactic fighting force that defends Earth’s interests all over known (and unknown) space. Having the opportunity to write this prequel series gave me the platform to lift the curtain on the earliest days of the initiative, revealing some dark dealings and a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top. Which our characters naturally find themselves right in the middle of, and changes the course of their lives forever.


Voltron: Year One #4 is in stores and on Comixology right now. Here’s an extended eight-page preview that Newsarama posted up yesterday. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the support.


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