33 Hours Later…


So yeah, that whole experience was pretty interesting…

Haven’t been around much in the last month or so, as my wife and I have been finalizing and planning a move to the San Diego area. So after a frantic few weeks of signing more documents than I thought was ever possible, packing up the apartment in Chicago, and a three day cross country drive with the dogs, we are now officially homeowners and slowly adjusting to all that entails. Still much work to be done, and we finally finally finally got net access and cable late yesterday afternoon, but fingers crossed, the hardest parts are over and we can get to enjoying all this Cali sunshine.

Apologies to anyone I owe e-mails, phone calls, etc., and this is a boulder that got its first push down the hill at this year’s Comic-Con, and I’ve been flying back and forth every few weeks after to look at houses, get things set up, and orchestrate the great Chicago escape. But we’re here now, the drive in was nowhere near as terrible as imagined, and my dogs surprised me with how well they were able to adjust to being stuck in the car and in hotel rooms for a couple days.

Thanks to everyone for your support and patience this past month, and as much as we’ll miss Chicago and all the great things about it, glad to be leaving cold and snow in our rear view. More updates soon as we slowly get this Death Star fully operational…


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