The Playlist- 4 The D.J.’s (Interlude)

The Playlist is a new feature I’m trying out on the blog that’ll allow me to write a lot more frequently about music, which is something I’m always promising myself I’ll get around to doing. The shorter postings (for me, anyway) are going to focus on specific pieces of music that have some kind of personal hold on me for reasons I feel strangely compelled to reveal publicly.

How long will this go on, you ask? No idea at all, so let’s just get started and see where we end up.

Because this is the very first entry, we’ll begin with something “important”…


4 The D.J.’s (Interlude)

Queen Latifah’s Black Reign

Queen Latifah- Black Reign

Okay, so I wanted to start with this one, because this one and a half minute little gem sparked something for me in regards to music, and through that, permanently changed my writing “process.” My sometimes uncontrollable LOVE for instrumentals and orchestral scores began here, and not only that, but me starting to actually write with them on in the background started here too. Don’t know why, but hearing this just made me think of things—rooftop chases, running in the rain, people with guns, etc. Spent a couple years in high school writing about teenage spies and superheroes, and this track was blasting on repeat out of my father’s top of the line (at the time) stereo for a ton of it…

05 4 The D.J.’s (Interlude)


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