Voltron: Year One Trade In Stores Today!

The trade collection of Voltron: Year One is in stores today, and I have a few things to say about the entire series as a whole—


First off, it was an incredible experience making a comic with Craig Cermak. We’ve been friends for years now, and I met him while he was still in high school and almost criminally obsessed with everything DC Comics and Geoff Johns. Even then, the thing he wanted most in the world was to draw comic books for a living, and I always told him that we’d work together someday. I think he thought I was joking, and though he ended up helping get Miranda Mercury out the door by coloring an issue (#299), I was tremendously excited when Dynamite took my recommendation that he was perfect for Voltron: Year One, and we got to make comics for real.

Now, the results are collected in a much more permanent looking package, and Craig is working with legendary writer Garth Ennis on the new Dynamite series Red Team.

So, in addition to telling you that you should buy it (goes without saying, right?), I wanted to also thank the rest of my collaborators, as well—Adriano Lucas, Simon Bowland, and Joe Rybandt. Immensely proud of the work we all did and think this series makes for a fine trade. Also really appreciate the hardcore Voltron fans that supported the book (in addition to the main one), and who knows, maybe we’ll do this again some day in the future…

Okay, enough mushy stuff—it’s out today, you should go ahead and just buy it. If your comic shop doesn’t have any, please don’t hesitate to request that they order you a copy.

Thanks again, and there’s a huge preview over at CBR to provide that final push, if needed…


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