The Two Brandons- Episode 1


Welcome to the first installment of a brand new podcast series called The Two Brandons, featuring myself and fellow writer Brandon Easton, talking over a variety of issues in what we’re intending to be a wide-ranging pop culture conversation. Along the way we’ll touch on the comics, animation, gaming, and movie industries, with a special eye on how being creators of color effects our work and the stories we’re endeavoring to tell. Sound good?

Okay, so let’s get started then with a conversation that answers the question people are always asking month after month, and year after year—how do we increase minority representation in the modern comics industry? The answer is pretty simple, and yet also enormously complicated. Enjoy, and thanks for listening. Please feel free to pass the link around to anyone you think would be interested, and I’ve also embedded the mp3 right on this page, in case you prefer to listen to it that way.

The Two Brandons (Episode 1: You Have To Buy It)

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Notes & References:

Understanding Ethnocrunching- How Racism Works In The Comic Industry

Ambidextrous 337- You Have To Buy It


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