The Two Brandons- Episode 2


First off, thank you all for the tremendous response to the debut episode of The Two Brandons—given that this is my first official podcast, I really had no idea what to expect, so it’s been great to look at the stats and think, “Wait, so how many people listened to this!?” Seriously, thank you, and hope you continue to enjoy our little chats far into the future.

So along those lines, we have the next installment posted up this morning, which is all about video games. Our past, present, and possible future relationships with games and gaming culture, and how the modern industry seems to be lacking innovation and big ideas as it barrels headlong into the next generation of console gaming.

Check it out, pass it around, etc. etc.

Thanks again for listening, and the new episode is loaded right onto the blog, and streaming (along with the previous episode) here at Buzzsprout.


Notes & References:

More Proof the Video Game Industry is Out of Ideas


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3 responses to “The Two Brandons- Episode 2

  1. Grant

    It’s interesting that you spent a full hour talking about video games and did not once mention the Wii.

    • Brandon Thomas

      Hah! I don’t think we went out of our way not to mention the Wii (which I have collecting dust on the shelf near the ps3) but to be honest, I didn’t even realize that until you said something. Poor Nintendo. Are they destined to go the way of Sega, cause the new Wii U (which is terribly named, by the way) doesn’t seem to be sparking anybody’s interest…


      • Grant

        The main trouble with the Wii U is the lack of launch games. Once they have another Zelda and another Mario things should pick up. My wife is excited about Pikmin 3, which unfortunately was pushed back to June from originally being a launch title.

        I only hope that Nintendo does a better job wooing third-party devs with the Wii U. That, more than anything else, is what I think has hurt them the most.

        Of the latest gen, I only have a Wii. It was Super Smash Bros that sold it, along with the downloadable Mega Man 9 (which was Wii-exclusive at first). Those two made me buy it. I’ve never cared for FPSs or online play, so that really cuts out a lot of the games that are passing me by.

        I’m a huge Nintendo fanboy, though. Still got a NES hooked up to my TV, and SNES/N64/GameCube in the cabinet. (And a Genesis. And a 2600. And a Colecovision.)

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