The Playlist- Oh My God

Oh My God

Jay-Z-Kingdom Come

Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come 

Just Blaze productions always get me hype. Perfect for Monday mornings or when you have to shake the cobwebs loose. The beat for “Oh My God” is my favorite of his, no question, period. Part of that is just—OH MY GOD, just listen to it. It’s impossible not to nod your head to this, and the other part is that a few years back Fox used this song in a couple of their promos for the sixth season of 24. Which was one of my favorite shows at the time, so for me it was like….Jack, Jay, and Just!?? Man, it was a wrap after that, and people are still using this for promos years later (see recent Gangster Squad trailer) because like I said—OH MY GOD. Love that chorus too…

Aforementioned 24 promo and full length track below for your listening pleasure…



Oh My God by Jay-Z [Explicit]


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