The Two Brandons- Episode 4

So this was a special one for us. This week on The Two Brandons, we welcome former Milestone Media/DC Comics/Archaia Entertainment editor Joe Illidge to the show to discuss the recent high profile creative departures from DC Comics, the aborted attempts to kill John Stewart, and the new creative team for Valiant’s Quantum & Woody revamp. The thoughts contained within are raw and uncensored, and not for the faint of heart or easily offended. It’s meaty and filled with all manner of insights, and the download stats suggest this will soon be our most popular installments yet.

Thanks again for all the support these past few weeks, and you check out the most recent episode right here on the blog, or through the dedicated The Two Brandons page, which contains links to every episode thus far.

The podcast is also now available through the iTunes store. Enjoy.


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