The Two Brandons- Episode 6


Summer movie preview, folks—five picks from me, five from Easton, with some interesting crossover, and even more interesting differences. This one turned out pretty great I think, so hope you guys enjoy it.

Thanks again for listening, and please feel free to contribute and discuss your own personal lists either here or on the FB and Twitter links.

Listen in here or check out the official Buzzsprout page, which also has links to all previous episodes.


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One response to “The Two Brandons- Episode 6

  1. grantbnet

    Random comments on this episode:

    * Have you guys seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? It’s Shane Black directing Robert Downey Jr in a black noir comedy, and it’s pretty fun. Black knows how to use RDjr, and I think Iron Man 3 is in good hands.

    * I think Will Smith is beyond the black effect. Mainstream audiences are very confortable with him. I think a bigger problem is viewer fatigue; I’m just sick of seeing him playing the same kinds of characters in these big-concept blockbusters. I don’t think he brings anything new or fun to these sci-fi roles anymore.

    * I would like to hear more about the black movies that Easton’s white friends won’t go see. When I think of black movies that I won’t see, only terrible-looking comedies spring to mind, like Tyler Perry movies. What are some recent (~ last 5 years) black movies that I should be checking out?

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