Ambidextrous 337- You Have To Buy It

Re-presenting one of my most popular postings from last year (while working away on its sequel) because it’s apparent that people still don’t get it…

{The Fiction House}

Whenever I’m talking about Miranda Mercury, one of the questions that’s usually posed is something like, “What can people do to support diversity in comics and books like Miranda Mercury?”

And it’s a great question, no doubt about it, and I usually answer it in a very diplomatic way, but to put it very simply—you have to BUY IT. Buy it today, and tomorrow tell someone else you know whose tastes and sensibilities you know and understand that they should buy it too. Don’t put it on your Amazon wish list as something to buy after you’ve bought all those other books on the list you clearly want to buy more—buy it today. Right now.

Cause here’s the truth of it—people like to talk a good game and co-sign all of these articles that sprout up every February, bemoaning the lack of black and diverse voices in comics, while attacking…

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  1. All I can say Brandon is “amen”. I see a total mental break in the comic community between words and actions.

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