Miranda Mercury HC Only 4.99 on Comixology!


So, if you’re following me on Twitter (@mirandamercury) or Facebook, you’ve likely heard that as part of a sale on Comixology, it’s possible to purchase the entire Miranda Mercury HC (170 some pages) for only $4.99. Seems like a pretty good deal, and hopefully people will take full advantage of it before 11PM tonight (eastern time).

Thought this would be a great time to engage in a bit of honest talk about the all-important S-word. I’m talking about “sales” of course, and though I was going to bring this up in another column (which I decided to postpone and/or euthanize), this is as good a time as any. Suffice it to say that the entire Miranda Mercury creative team would appreciate your support today, because as of last quarter, the hardcover still has not made all of its money back. In fact, we’ve still moved more copies of the one single issue which released in February 2008, than the completed hardcover, which was published in August 2011.

Any and every little bit helps, and being able to close that gap of what we still owe Archaia for agreeing to publish a book like ours, will ensure that we have a few more options when volume two is released. We’re working on it right now, and it will benefit from every lesson learned during the production of volume one, which we’re still enormously proud of and is continuing to open doors for us throughout the industry. The one it hasn’t yet though is one with the words “profitable” written on it. So if you’ve got five bucks lying around, and/or know someone who does, tell them there’s a really good graphic novel out there that there’s never been a better time to check out.

Thanks everyone, and appreciate the support.

Critical Acclaim for The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury

33 Page Hardcover Preview

Archaia Sci-Fi Sale on Comixology


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