Colorist Marissa Louise joins The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury!

Volume 2 of The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury is currently in production.

It’s better, faster, and stronger than volume 1 in every single way, and the ending just destroys me every time I read it. A moment I’ve had in my head for years now, which reminds Miranda of a truth she’s fought so long and so hard to deny—that there are things far worse than death.

The majority of the original creative team is coming back, but in order to really take things to the next level, we needed to secure the services of a next level colorist. Someone who would be able to handle the entire batch of stories, and give us an artistic consistency circumstances prevented us from achieving last time. Based on a recommendation from Jordan Boyd (who colored 2 issues in the previous volume) we were pointed in the direction of Marissa Louise.

Took one look at her site and portfolio, and we knew it could be something special. Thankfully, she agreed to join the party and quickly blew us all away with her work on the first sequence from #301. If you recall, at the close of #300, Miranda passed out, seemingly dead. Well, this little sneak preview below is a piece of what happens next, and a taste of where we’ll be taking the series artistically. Oh yeah, that’s Miranda’s grandpa James Mercury, who is also quite dead. Nothing is better than comics, ladies and gentlemen.

MM301colors_02_03 (1)

So please give Marissa a warm welcome, and her work can also be seen in Robocop for BOOM!, Headspace for Monkeybrain, and Exit Generation.

Stay tuned for more updates and previews as volume 2 continues to come together, and thanks again for the support!



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4 responses to “Colorist Marissa Louise joins The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury!

  1. die-yng

    So glad to here there’ll be a second issue. I bought the first trade around a year ago, based on some good critics I read, but didn’t find the time to read it until about a month ago when i was in hospital for surgery.

    And I was blown away by the book. The story, the art, the characters, everything was wonderful and the only thing I didn’t like was that this one HC seemed to be all of it.

    I’ll definitely buy this when it arrives.

  2. AndrewCC

    18 months later, still nothing. Any excitement I have for this is definitely subsiding. At this rate we’ll get Nonplayer #2 before this.

  3. Sorry (again) for the delays, but this is still being worked on, and the secret project I’ve been working on for almost two years will put us in a much better position to get Miranda firmly attached to our dream publisher. There have been a couple opportunities to move forward in the interim, but to give the book the best possible chance of long-term success, we’ve been holding out for the big fish. And keeping our mouths shut until there is something of real significance to announce. Marissa coming onboard was probably a situation where we got too excited prematurely, and I apologize for that. The next few months are critical though, and you likely won’t hear anything until everything is signed and sealed. Sorry again, and I actually think Nonplayer #2 is out already, but we’ll try to beat #3…

    Thanks again for your patience.


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