The Stack- 10.14.15

Another hefty week, led out the gate by a handful of comics by fellow black creators…


Leading off:

RRH #1 (1First Comics), Nutmeg, Vol. 1 (Action Lab), & Bad Moon Rising (451 Media)

Bad Moon Rising #1 (451 Media), Nutmeg, Vol. 1 (Action Lab), & RRH #1 (1First Comics)


Final seven:

Final seven for 10.14.15

Final seven for 10.14.15


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Thanks, and back next week!




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4 responses to “The Stack- 10.14.15

  1. What are those on the right of the final seven?

  2. On the right should just be some random crap on my desk 🙂 On the left peeking into the frame is a small stack of books that I’m going to read as a complete run once all the issues ship…


    • Oh, uh, no — I just meant “what are the rightmost two issues IN the final seven stack?”. (The ones behind Wicked+Divine.) Can’t tell from the little bit of cover peeking out.

      You interpreted by question in a way that is entirely unexpected, though I guess not invalid. 🙂

      • Hah, this comments stuff is working out great for us, isn’t it? Sex Criminals and LOW are the last ones, and because of that photo, I’ll definitely be listing them from now on like I did this week…

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