The Stack- 10.28.15

Numbers are finally coming down, but I hear next week will be another massive one. This week, I’m led out of the gate by RRH #2 (1First Comics), Cyborg #4 (DC), and Chew #51 (Image Comics).

Stack pic 1- 10.28.15

Orlando Harding (writer/creator- RRH), David F. Walker (writer- Cyborg), & Rob Guillory (artist/colorist-Chew)

Final seven is—

Batman & Robin Eternal #4
Book of Death #4
Stumptown #8
Manifest Destiny #18
Black Magick #01
Ody-C #08
The Unbeatable Squirrel-Girl #1

Final seven for 10.28.15

Final seven for 10.28.15

How does all this work? Check Stack Science for more details.

Thanks, and back next week!


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