Best Of (February 2016)

I’m pretty much obsessed with lists—books to read, movies to watch, books and movies already finished, plans for creative domination, etc. I also seem to experience painful bouts of withdrawal if denied a semi-regular outlet to shout out all the cool, amazing things I’m consuming every month that give me those unmistakable hits of excitement and inspiration. There is so much greatness all around us, and this new monthly feature is all about taking a moment to say, “Thank you for existing, and providing an example of why I do what I do.”

My schedule has been interesting lately, so these are things I finished during any given month, which sometimes happens way way way after things originally came out. The list is almost in chronological order, and I’ve got things separated into two brackets, which might change a bit as I refine this new thing over the coming months.

Thanks everyone!



Shaft: Imitation of Life #1

Power Man and Iron Fist #1

Southern Bastards #13

Low #11

Imperium #13

Spider-Woman #4

Clean Room #5

Bitch Planet #7

Sex Criminals #14

Chew #55



Tony catches the Winter Soldier’s bullet

That final Batman v Superman trailer


Star Wars: Episode VIII Production Announcement

Marvel’s Agent Carter, “Monsters” (by BRANDON EASTON!)

American Crime

The People v O.J. Simpson

Phonte’s verse on “Clap Shit Up”

Sneakerheadz documentary

Black-ish, “Hope”


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