Critics Blown Away by Horizon #3!


We all felt like Horizon #3 was our strongest issue thus far (until #4 comes out, anyway) but so glad that several others agree. Issue in stores now, and thanks to all of you for the great feedback and incredible support!

“Action, depth, drama and romance – Horizon has it all.”

“Horizon stands out above the rest because of its unique narrative choices and the way it uses typical comic book devices and retools them.”

“Enter Lincoln, a new villain who has got to be one of the coolest blerds in comics. He’s methodical, moves like Jim Kelly, and throws out Wu-Tang references because Wu-Tang is for the children.”

“…it keeps getting better, finding itself and revealing its purpose and the motivations of its characters. This exciting new title is just getting started and deserves to be on your pull list.”

“In his red Nike high tops, and blazer, we now have the introduction of an antagonist that you’re going to love to hate.”

“Reading this issue made me want to go back and read the previous two and has me fully hooked for the next chapter in the story.”


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